hello i'm sammie and i just didn't wanna do my homework. [very multifandom]
sometimes brothers fight


you’ve been there for me b e f o r e

FANGIRL CHALLENGE [1/50] Male Characters ~ Leo Fitz
"When you get back, I’ll show you my thing. A thing. It’s not… I-it’s my hardware. My equipment. Let’s…hang up.” 

Oliver’s ‘fairly ridiculous’ lies to Felicity




so tyler posey is at my school and i walked by him and he pointed at my shirt and just goes “HEY! I WAS THERE” and I asked him what date and he said ventura which is the date I went to and basically he was just really friendly and nice!!!

#tyler posey doesn’t wait for fans to approach him   #tyler posey is a fan of his fans   #what a dude   

he was on warped tour?!?

Can i make you some pancakes? |  Pancakes S4 DVD Deleted Scene 

Audrey & Duke » 3x04 // 3x07